The Truth about Tongkat Ali Coffee (and Why It Doesn’t Work)

Can Tongkat Ali Coffee Compare to and Powders?


The herbal supplement Tongkat Ali was recently shown on the Dr. Oz series, which the guest used to make tongkat . It is fascinating to see such a remarkable, yet vague herb mainstream policy such as this.

As stated on the show, the properties of in boosting your libido have been clinically demonstrated, in addition to its ability to boost erectile function, raise testosterone levels, and many different other terrific effects. These items are all well documented details about tongkat root extract.

The show's guest proceeded to make cups of his company's coffee combination, described as "delicious." This raised some alarm bells for me, and that readers may understand why, I want to clarify some things. Here is the problem...


Tongkat Ali Coffee Does Not Work!

Tongkat extract is unpalatable and bitter. Even a quantity of this substance would result in beverage. You spice and might season everything you like, but the taste will show through.

You could never use this to style a "delicious" beverage, in any manner. Ali is likely contained by the Gano Excel coffee, but the potency infusion, needed to attain the wonderful effects of the herb, is not present not in any volume.

There have been teas made for use, from . The varieties with any potency share the issue that the taste is horrible. As one anticipates an elixir to taste 14, this would be overlooked. Fortunately, extraction skip the flavor issue. But before we get to the infusion, let us also have a look.


Tongkat Ali Powder Does Not Work!

Tongkat extract does work amazingly well. It is important to differentiate it from the main powder, sometimes provided by disreputable businesses. As you may imagine, the root powder (that has not undergone extraction) contains only trace amounts of the desired compounds, and as such has no substantial effect. MIT has been running continuous studies into the plant [1], and one of their findings that the bioactive compounds constitute less than 0.005percent - a very miniscule sum, indeed.

Powders in the plant are not powerful enough to be of use you would have to consume enormous amounts to get the smallest effect. Some companies haven't stopped from trying to cash powder that was plain, and sell in


Tongkat Ali Extract Really Works!

Fortunately for us, we could use extraction methods to fix the , and be left with high powered infusion at the end. We are aware that of the plant is where all of the active ingredients are present, although they exist only in very miniscule amounts. Because of this, it's essential to fashion an extract. Traditionally, this is achieved by boiling 50 g of the root down until you are left with a concentrated tea.

In contemporary distribution, the infusion is powdered and put pills so that it can easily be handled without the horrible taste being an issue. A similar decrease of 50 g of a root to 1 g of extract powder is known as a 1:50 strength infusion. Extraction ratios that are higher produce some products, more outcomes.

I need to point out that some companies sell "Tongkat Ali infusion" without specifying the extraction ratio. Whatever you do, avoid these! So as to make profit off a product that it is useless many times they will use extraction ratios such as 4:1 or. Choose brands that aim for extraction ratios, and define their extraction ratio to be ensured of effectiveness.


All Extract Isn't Created Equal - Everything You Will Need to Know

So now we know that the infusion is what we're considering... not so fast! There's another issue. Tongkat Ali is a tree, and like any plant, the health of environment and the plant have an enormous influence on its development.

Tongkat Ali is native to only a few parts of Southeast Asia. The rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia are its environment. In Malaysia, this plant's source has dwindled so low that it is currently an endangered plant, prohibited and protected to harvest. To make things worse, Malaysian has been proven to contain a large volume of lead - from 10.64 in certain evaluations [2] all the way around 20.72 . That is over 200x the 0.08 (virtually non-existent) lead content of Indonesian tongkat .

Where the plant thrives in the wild Indonesia allows the harvest of . There are the roots only develop potency so the best of those plantations 10 years or longer and permit the trees to grow

Indonesian is a more carefully . It contents makes it unfit to consume, although tongkat is not illegal to crop. When searching for , it is essential for your health, in addition to your results, to select before harvesting, tongkat that has been allowed.


How to Locate High Quality Extract

With an increasing number of studies showing the efficacy of , many companies are trying to cash in. Some sell the main powder (instead of the root extract) to deceive unsuspecting clients. Others include small doses of the powder to a variety of merchandise, to market them fortified with tongkat , like the multitude "with additional ginseng" products which only contain small amounts of ginseng. It looks great for promotion, although the doses are so small as to have no impact. Others still attempt to market poor (and often illegal) Malaysian tongkat .

There are some companies offering tongkat nutritional supplements to actual quality. The brand I choose to use is SD-200, using a high potency of 1:200, using very pure and powerful sources of tongkat root, grown and aged in Indonesia. They are the world tongkat company.

Another company I have had good dealings the past is Indonesia Tongkat Ali, offering a variety of potencies extracted from pure sources.


Final Thoughts

There is quite a bit to Remember if you bear these factors, although when picking an Ali nutritional supplement, you should be fine:

  • Tongkat Ali is not powerful until its active ingredients are to a high potency extraction.
  • Prevent powder, it is too weak to have any impact.
  • Extracts that don't define their extraction ratio (like 200:1 or 50:1) ought to be avoided, since you do not know what potency you will be receiving.
  • Tongkat extract tastes awful, and that's why it's neatly packed in tablets, so you don't need to taste it.
  • Due to the awful flavor, be careful of any products like tongkat coffees, teas, or snacks claiming to contain the herb. They would not be palatable, if they had .
  • Prevent from Malaysia, where harvesting it's illegal and the plants contain high lead content.
  • Seek Tongkat Ali extract from Indonesia, from resources that allow their crops age 10 years or longer.
  • With potency and an excellent source Ali extract can have results. After thinking about the taste of this infusion, in addition to the extraction process, it is evident that Ali coffee can not contain active chemicals to compare.


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