Giveaway - Macaali

All products listed on this Giveaway Special Page are Free, you only pay for Shipping and Handling. Every customer is limited to a maximum of 5 bottles per item only. We reserve the rights to cancel any order that exceed the limits.

Unlike most supplement brands or mega supermarkets, who usually dispose their products after expiry. We had been disposing our products 6 months before expiry, since 2008. Which is unheard-of in our industry. 

Recently, after much requests from our customers, we decided to giveaway the products instead of disposing them.

With more than 12 years of experience, and our in-house data driven technology, we usually sold out most of our products within 12 months after they are manufactured. Occasionally, due to a sudden drop in demand for certain products, we do have about 10% of our products being disposed.

We strongly encourage customers to order only what they need, as products listed on this page will reach their expiry within the next four to five months.

Please feel free to share this page with your friends and relatives. Give them a chance to experience our products for free, while only paying for shipping and handling.